My Latest Project

The You Project

Are you ever halfway through one of your favourite activities, you’re smiling and having fun but you pause, look up and wish the special people in your life could see you do this?

If this is you, contact me

If you’ve got a favourite activity you do on your own or in a group, you have precious memories of moments you love. Sometimes these moments are difficult to express to other people. This is where The You Project comes in.

It’s my goal to show the special people in your life what you’ve been doing, that you are exciting, you have skills and you are fantastic!

I'm Canberra based so let’s chat about your next RAWSOME SHOTS photoshoot.



For me, photography is about being there at the right time to capture the exact moment it all came together or the moment it all fell apart. This is why I love wildlife and sport photography. Wildlife and sports are similar in many ways. They are both incredibly unpredictable and often extremely quick! For me it's about the challenge of packing the personality or enthusiasm into just a few hundredths of a second.

Throughout my youth, Dad documented my family's lives through videos and still photographs. Dad's passion for recording memories stuck with me until I could finally afford my own DSLR. My photography has evolved into documentation of the memories I want to recall when my memory no longer functions, but also into images used to inspire and encourage understanding of our natural world.